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Our mission: engage your audiences!

The Frog team leverages our various know-hows in fields rarely combined: tech development, video production, event planning, and community management.

Our mission is building production processes that make the most of each of our team members’ unique skillsets, channeling our creative ecosystem to bring your unique project to life!

Our team

Grégoire von Rakowski
“I know Adele's "Hello" by heart.”

Grégoire von Rakowski graduated from HEC Paris. After a year in the communication agency Uzik, he worked for SFR as right-hand man for all media content production. In 2018, he founded his own communication agency specializing in video production: ACID Prod. In September 2021, he became CEO of Frog Connexion and ensured the smooth fusion between ACID Prod and Frog in 2022.

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Loic Ortola
"The only computer code I'm not good at is remembering my password"

Loic Ortola is part of the board at the professional servers and specialized computer engineering services company Takima. In 2016, we launched a rival software to Google Maps: Jawg Maps. Expert in Java development, Loic produced many webapps for Frog, including the one used for the Blindtest and the Live Karaoke.

Célia Wallendorf
Director of Frog Studio
"I drink my coffee in a mug with cute cate faces... That's it!"

Célia Wallendorf graduated from Sciences Po and HEC Paris, majoring in Media, Arts and Creation. She joined ACID Prod in 2019 as a project manager. She became CEO of the company in 2021. When Frog Connexion and ACID Prod merged in 2022, she kept her responsibilities as director of media production content. She works with a dozen creators.

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Henri Lahoud
"Operations Manager by day, pizzaiolo by night!"

After training as an engineer and working as a consultant and manager at Amaris, Henri chose entrepreneurship for his next adventure. An experienced musician and concert organizer, he works on issues as vast as event organization and the development of new technology. Henri oversees the development of our new tech products as well as the management of our most significant projects.

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Charles Trélin
Director of Events & Music
"I am an artisan of humor."

After a career as a professional musician, Charles worked as an accountant for 4 years. At Frog, Charles is in charge of training our groups of musicians as well as organizing our events. Charles also supports our artists trained in Blindtest and Karaoke in their careers in original creation.

Victor Marlier
Director of Production
"I love cinéma, but my favorite movies are the ones that are so bad they're good!"

Victor is a graduate of HEC Paris and a total cinéphile. After working for Umédia and UGC Images in production as well as Sony Pictures in distribution, he joined Grégoire in launching Les Films du Chêne Rond, a fiction production company attached to Frog Connexion. Les Films du Chêne Rond have notably produced the short film Bonnes Vacances with OCS and a documentary about the Foreign Legion with France 3 PACA. Victor accompanies the most ambitious executive productions at Frog Connexion, particularly on our advertising devices.

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