International Capital Market Association

International Capital Market Association - General Meeting

Three days of exhibitions, conferences, and evening events in Paris to bring together financial market leaders.

Bouton de défilement vers le bas

3 Days of Meetings and Celebrations!

Date and Venues
  • Palais Brongniart
  • Musée du quai Branly
  • May 23-24 & 25, 2023
Brief Reminder
  • Organization of 2 evenings
  • Organization of 10 plenary sessions
  • Furniture management
  • Scenography & Decoration
  • Caterers
  • Transportation
  • Musical entertainment
  • Coordination of technical partners
The Event in Numbers
  • 1800 people over 3 days
  • Budget: 500 - 600k€
Opening Evening
An immersive experience themed around 19th-century financial markets

For the opening evening, Frog Connexion designed a unique immersive experience, blending history and finance. Actors specializing in immersive arts roamed among the guests, evoking the world of 19th-century financial markets. This original staging promoted captivating interactions, enriching the event experience while remaining true to the theme.

Professional Exhibition
Turnkey exhibition with uniform furniture

Frog Connexion set up a custom exhibition for ICMA, where each partner company had a personalized stand. Paying special attention to each partner's brand and objectives, we ensured that each stand reflected not only the company's identity but also its relationship with the financial world. This arrangement facilitated targeted and constructive professional exchanges.

Supervision of Plenaries
Supervision of technical needs with live broadcasting

Frog Connexion's supervision of the plenary sessions was a key element of the event. The agency managed the technical aspects, including live broadcasting, ensuring smooth and professional dissemination. The intervention by Bruno Lemaire, Minister of Economy and Finance, was highlighted with excellent audiovisual quality and impeccable event management, ensuring his message effectively reached the entire audience.

Scenography, Decoration, and Greening
The Palais Brongniart in the colors of 19th-century financial markets

Frog Connexion transformed the Palais Brongniart into a space that embraced the spirit of financial markets. In collaboration with decorators and technical teams, we were able to create an ambiance that combined historical elegance with financial modernity. The subtle greening of the venue added a touch of freshness and dynamism, reflecting the evolution and growth of the financial sector.

Exceptional Gala at Musée du Quai Branly

Distinguished guests

The gala organized by Frog Connexion at the Musée du Quai Branly was an emblematic celebration of Parisian charm, bringing together distinguished guests, such as CAC 40 executives, ministers, and the Governor of the Bank of France. Inspired by the most iconic districts of Paris, the evening captured the essence of the City of Light.

The Frog Touch!
Unique experiences with opera singers

Upon arrival, guests were transported to the lavish "Opéra District." There, opera singers offered an enchanting performance, reminiscent of the grand nights at the Opéra Garnier. Their music created an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication.

Paris Bonbon Musical Animation
A tailor-made review

Continuing the immersion, the "Moulin Rouge District" revived the electrifying ambiance of Parisian cabarets. A colorful and dynamic review captivated the audience, evoking the festive spirit and passion of Parisian nightlife.

A Parisian Evening
Numerous plant elements

Finally, the "Jardin des Plantes Area," extensively greened for the occasion, offered a haven of peace. This nature-inspired space allowed guests to escape into a serene and refined setting, reminiscent of Paris's iconic gardens. Each detail of the evening was meticulously designed to evoke both a historical and timeless Paris, offering guests an unforgettable and quintessentially Parisian experience.