Clever Age

Koh Lanta atmosphere seminar at Clever Age

Clever Age seminar on the theme of Koh Lanta: complete organization, transport management for 240 participants, rafting activities, and captivating thematic evenings.

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Koh Lanta Clever Age

Date and Venues
  • Belambra, la Chambre d'Amour
  • September 22-24, 2023
Brief Reminder
  • Organization of a seminar
  • Organization of transportation
  • Organization of Koh Lanta-themed activities
  • Coordination with the venue
  • Organization of 2 evenings
The Event in Numbers
  • 240 people
  • Budget: about 230k€
Koh Lanta Clever Age
Adventure and Team Cohesion

Frog Connexion orchestrated an unforgettable annual seminar themed around Koh Lanta for Clever Age. We transformed a natural setting into an exciting adventure terrain, with challenges and activities inspired by the TV show. This promoted team spirit and personal achievement. Every detail, from safety to entertainment, was carefully managed to ensure total immersion and a memorable experience for all Clever Age participants.

Transporting 240 Clever Age Participants

Managing the transportation of 240 participants from six different agencies across France was certainly a logistical challenge. We coordinated travel from Lille, Nantes, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Toulouse, ensuring a comfortable and secure journey for everyone.

Excitement and Cohesion
Rafting for Clever Age

A key activity of the seminar was a rafting session designed to combine thrills and teamwork. This experience not only provided an adrenaline rush but also strengthened the bonds among colleagues, highlighting the importance of communication and cooperation in dynamic and challenging situations.

Immersive Evenings
Video Confessional and Night Festivities

The evenings were a key part of the seminar, extending the adventure into the night. Themed evenings were organized, including a video confessional where participants could share their experiences and emotions in a fun, lighthearted way. These evenings provided relaxation after the day's challenges and created shared memories, reinforcing the community spirit within Clever Age.