Cercle des Vacances

Christmas at Cercle des Vacances

Experience unique moments with henna tattoos, scripted sword fights, and enchanting dances.

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Enchanted Nights of the East: A Journey with Cercle des Vacances

Eastern Escape with Cercle des Vacances

For Cercle des Vacances, our agency transformed an ordinary evening into an enchanting journey into the world of the Arabian Nights. At the heart of the scene, a giant magic lamp captured the imagination, inviting guests into a world of mystery and beauty. Our careful decoration recreated a palace from the Arabian Nights, offering a spectacular setting and total immersion in Middle Eastern culture.

Arabian Night: Shows and Traditions

The experience was enhanced by captivating animations: henna tattoos for a traditional touch, sword fights by talented actors for a thrill of adventure, and enchanting dancers evoking tales of yore. This combination of animations created a dynamic and authentic atmosphere, transporting guests into a fairy tale.

Flare Cocktails: Magic and Mixology

The flare cocktails added a touch of magic to the evening. Our expert bartenders, true shaker artists, concocted unique drinks with spectacular juggling and fire performances. These moments of flair bartending not only dazzled the guests but also added an interactive and fascinating dimension to the evening, plunging them into a spectacle where mixology meets art.

Rhythms of the Arabian Nights

The DJ and musical entertainment were the highlight of the evening, taking guests on a rhythmic journey through the Arab world. The musical selection, combining traditional melodies and modern beats, created an electric atmosphere, inviting everyone to dance and celebrate. This vibrant atmosphere ensured that the evening would be remembered as a unique moment of joy and cultural sharing.