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Organization of a Day for French Managers

From an engaging plenary session to refined catering services, seamless coordination, and an evening at the exclusive Maison Sage, what more could you want?

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Fitness Park Managers Day

Conducting the Plenary at Grand Rex

Our team expertly orchestrated the plenary at Grand Rex, ensuring smooth coordination of the event. From technical preparation to managing interventions, every detail was meticulously planned to guarantee an informative and engaging session conducive to inspiration and strategic exchange among managers.

Catering Service and Gourmet Breaks

Throughout the day we provided high-quality catering services, with regular gourmet breaks. Our delicious and balanced culinary selections were designed to maintain the energy and focus of the participants while offering them a moment of relaxation and gastronomic pleasure.

Coordination of Service Providers

The harmonious management of all service providers was a pillar of our success. We ensured impeccable coordination between various actors – technicians, caterers, hostesses, animators, and more – for perfect synchronization. This orchestration allowed for a smooth event, from welcoming participants to the conclusion of the day.

Organization of the Evening at Maison Sage

The evening at Maison Sage was the highlight of the event. Our agency created a festive and elegant atmosphere, conducive to celebrating achievements and strengthening professional networks. The programming included entertaining animations and a suitable musical selection, ensuring a memorable experience and a much-needed moment of relaxation for all Fitness Park managers.

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