The Fabulous Christmas of Monoprix

Monoprix celebrated the magic of Christmas with an enchanted day filled with workshops, music, and fairy-tale magic suitable for all ages.

Bouton de défilement vers le bas
A turnkey organization

The agency organized a turnkey fairy-tale event, transforming the headquarters into an enchanted world with custom workshops for both adults and children. Each activity was carefully selected to amaze and engage everyone, creating unforgettable memories. From festive crafts to interactive games, the goal was to capture the essence of Christmas and share it with every employee and their family.

Just Dance: Christmas Carols and Joyful Atmosphere.

A Just Dance activity led by a professional was a highlight of the day. A varied repertoire of Christmas songs allowed everyone, young and old, to express themselves and share the holiday joy through dance. This space dedicated to singing and music provided a warm and friendly atmosphere, strengthening the community spirit within Monoprix.

Makeup Workshop
Joyful Faces for the Holidays

The makeup workshop with professional makeup artists was a major attraction for children. The artists transformed the little faces into festive works of art, from happy reindeer to sparkling snowflakes. This playful moment added a touch of magic and wonder, making the day even more special for the young guests.

Christmas Decor
Transforming the Headquarters

Decorating the headquarters was a priority for the agency, creating a fairy-tale setting for this special day. From thematic photocalls to delicate ornaments, every decorative element was chosen to evoke the magic of Christmas. The immersive decoration plunged employees and their families into a world of festivities, turning every corner of the headquarters into a space of joy and celebration.