Pigment EMEA Seminar 2022

A Seminar Like a Funfair!

A seminar including meticulously organized plenary sessions with live transatlantic broadcasting, ensuring interactive participation for both on-site and remote attendees.

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A 360° Service!

Date and Venues
  • Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu
  • October 2-4, 2022
Brief Reminder
  • Organization of a plenary session
  • Coordination of technical partners
  • Scenography
  • Coordination with the venue
  • Organization of evenings
  • Organization of teambuildings
The Event in Numbers
  • 120 people
  • Budget: about 200k€
Turnkey solution
Turnkey solution at Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu

Frog Connexion orchestrated an unforgettable seminar for the scale-up Pigment at the prestigious Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu in the Paris region. We provided all-inclusive organization, meticulously coordinating with all partners. From badge management to rooming assistance, every detail was considered to facilitate the participants' experience. Our expertise created an environment conducive to productivity and exchange in an exceptional setting.

Unifying activities
Fun and Innovative Team Building

For Pigment, two afternoons of team building were designed, combining teamwork and fun. The first was dedicated to team challenges, encouraging collaboration and creativity. The second resembled a funfair, with playful activities to strengthen team spirit in a relaxed environment. These moments helped bond the Pigment teams, offering a memorable and enriching experience.

Formal section
Transatlantic Plenaries

The morning plenary sessions morning for Pigment were designed to maximize engagement and participation. With live broadcasting to the United States, every participant, whether on-site or remote, was interactively integrated. This approach ensured smooth and effective communication, which is crucial for a rapidly expanding scale-up like Pigment.

Memorable evenings
Spectacular and Connected Evenings

The highlights of the event were the two extraordinary evenings. The first featured a dynamic blind test, broadcast live for colleagues in the United States, creating a transatlantic bridge of conviviality. The second evening was a unique blend of elegance and entertainment, providing an immersive and memorable experience. These evenings not only celebrated Pigment's success but also strengthened the bonds within the company.